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What is Paid To Click

For those of you who often surf websites on the internet, may often hear the call-tuk joined PTC program in order to get free money on the internet. The money is in U.S. dollars anymore list so free anymore

So that begs the question: how can you? money from which they can pay our tuk ya? Ko-Ko is transferred not ya? how do we know it's legit aka PTC program is really giving us money? and many more questions that maybe if I enter in this paper have not complained by that place ... :-)

Finally, since a year ago I tried to figure out whether it is asked to mbah google or yahoo or ask directly to the person who deals in this PTC program. And then try tuk follow PTC program is  hehehe even been cheated by one of the PTC program, they say hit a SCAM  Hover U.S. $ 80  but it no last long as a few months later turned out to go cash the U.S. dollar into the coffers paypal. I can add weight and width celenganku my wife smile.

PTC stands for Paid To Click, which means we do get paid for clicks. So the PTC program is a program that asks us to click on the link advertisements have been provided by the organizers of PTC and in return we're getting the money to be transferred to paypal or alertpay account that has been informed to the organizers of the PTC. Each link has a value for money advertising on their own, ranging from U.S. $ 0.0003 to U.S. $ 0.02.

Of course, in order to follow the PTC program, we have to register themselves by entering the data themselves are asked, after that they do send you an email to the email validation. Make sure when you fill the name of the data must be complete and match the name on the ID card and savings books. And make sure you click on the validation link provided in the validation of emails sent by the organizers of the PTC. Once the login is successful ... back into pnyelenggara PTC and start generate dollars by clicking on the ads provided, usually placed in the menu "view advertisement" or "surf ads" or "view ads".

The money used to pay our tuk in PTC program is obtained by the PTC organizers of the individual or company that puts ads in this PTC program. If the PTC organizers offered to buy advertising slots on the cheap while they offer to members of their PTC program paid a higher per-clicks then you can judge that the program they are not legit aka PTC scam. So from this comparison you can assess whether the program organizer legit PTC, scam or not.

And tuk ensure your assessment, you can visit

PTC-Investigation makes PTC rating program providers, whichever is the Elite, Legit, Scam, Not Recommended and On-Going Investigation. So it's helped us avoid ourselves from rogue PTC organizers thus what happened to me once that does not happen again to you and others.

The trusted PTC click here

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