Senin, 21 November 2011

Dollars On The Internet

 In the world of the internet a lot to offer programs That can mengasilkan dollar purse. Jeis-type programs Offered in the internet world so many Kinds, for some People who are used to surfing the internet the program - a program I Will explain the which is not foreign anymore. The term is popular in the Internet world That can Produce dollar purse can even be a dollar tree are as follows:

Pay per click is called PTC or go around a program that will provide income in dollars is through registering as a member of, and obligations as a member only view advertisements provided by the program provider, the time required on average 30 seconds commercial and the average ad available 4 ads for standard members. In this program there are several groups of PTC members, free for members of the so called standard, there are some terms and paid as premium, gold, and others, and of course the fees are awarded also differs among members of free members and payment. Tips for beginners should take a free course and then after making sure the program is to include members want to upgrade please.

PAY PER LEAD (PPL) is a program that will give us the dollar after we invite a friend or other person to become a member.

PAYMENT FOR SALE (PPS) program to offer to pay a dollar if there are people who buy our products or services advertised, the term is commonly referred to as a reseller and affiliate. Generally, we give a commission, and are generally quite broad program can generate dollars. Because there is a fee of up to 50% of sales, one example of Amazon and ClickBank.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a program that will pay if you click any of the ads we put on the blog or web page like Google Adsen.

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