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Paid-To-Click (PTC) Earnings Calculator

Below is the process in the form of income to manually resolve every day possible in any payment to Click (PTC) or programs that can use this tool to calculate PTC calculator automatically your online treasures of any payment to Click (PTC) programs. 

For those of you who are not yet familiar with payment to Click (PTC) program is the simplest money, which proved popular on the Internet. Revenue for this program all you have to do is to click on ads and view advertisers website within 30 seconds after you get paid. This program also has a direct referral bonus every time they click on the ad direct reference is going to win. 

Your earning potential depends on the amount of pay-to-click programs you signed up, the number of ads to click, the width is your direct referrals, earnings per click and referral personal income per click. 

This is how it is done manually. Let's say you have only one (1) pay to click (PTC) program which has ten (10) ads you click. Staff per click $ 0.01 and get $ 0.01 for Referral Click. We also have twenty (20) direct referrals as scabies to invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same. Suppose star clickers and do not miss clicking on the ads every day. Your income potential daily would be ... 

Personal income = 1 x 10 x $ 0.01 PTC Ads Click Personal = $ 0.10 
The income reference = 1 PTC x 10 x 20 ads x $ 0 Direct Referrals. Click Reference 01 = $ 2.00 
The total daily earnings = Income = Personal + $ 2.10 Earrings reference 

The earning potential is definitely over small, since it involves only one (1) payment to Click (PTC) program with references only twenty (20) directly. What if you are a hard worker and can diversify and participate in twenty (20) Paid to Click (PTC) and the programs were able to invite 100 direct referrals for each payment to Click (PTC) programs. Again using the same formula over your earning potential daily would be ... 

Personal income = 20 x 10 x $ 0.01 PTC Ads Click Personal = $ 2.00 
The income reference = 20 x 10 x 100 x PTC Ads $ 0.01 Direct Referrals Clicks reference = $ 200 
Total daily outstanding Personal Income = Profit = $ 202.00 + Reference 

As noted by the earning potential is much larger now. Based on these results we conclude that is paid to Click (PTC) the revenue potential of the program depends largely on the number of PTC programs involved and the number of direct references to enter. 

To automatically compute your income potential of any payment to Click (PTC) can use this calculator to PTC.

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