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Selasa, 29 November 2011

What is Paid To Click

For those of you who often surf websites on the internet, may often hear the call-tuk joined PTC program in order to get free money on the internet. The money is in U.S. dollars anymore list so free anymore

So that begs the question: how can you? money from which they can pay our tuk ya? Ko-Ko is transferred not ya? how do we know it's legit aka PTC program is really giving us money? and many more questions that maybe if I enter in this paper have not complained by that place ... :-)

Finally, since a year ago I tried to figure out whether it is asked to mbah google or yahoo or ask directly to the person who deals in this PTC program. And then try tuk follow PTC program is  hehehe even been cheated by one of the PTC program, they say hit a SCAM  Hover U.S. $ 80  but it no last long as a few months later turned out to go cash the U.S. dollar into the coffers paypal. I can add weight and width celenganku my wife smile.

PTC stands for Paid To Click, which means we do get paid for clicks. So the PTC program is a program that asks us to click on the link advertisements have been provided by the organizers of PTC and in return we're getting the money to be transferred to paypal or alertpay account that has been informed to the organizers of the PTC. Each link has a value for money advertising on their own, ranging from U.S. $ 0.0003 to U.S. $ 0.02.

Of course, in order to follow the PTC program, we have to register themselves by entering the data themselves are asked, after that they do send you an email to the email validation. Make sure when you fill the name of the data must be complete and match the name on the ID card and savings books. And make sure you click on the validation link provided in the validation of emails sent by the organizers of the PTC. Once the login is successful ... back into pnyelenggara PTC and start generate dollars by clicking on the ads provided, usually placed in the menu "view advertisement" or "surf ads" or "view ads".

The money used to pay our tuk in PTC program is obtained by the PTC organizers of the individual or company that puts ads in this PTC program. If the PTC organizers offered to buy advertising slots on the cheap while they offer to members of their PTC program paid a higher per-clicks then you can judge that the program they are not legit aka PTC scam. So from this comparison you can assess whether the program organizer legit PTC, scam or not.

And tuk ensure your assessment, you can visit http://www.ptc-investigation.com

PTC-Investigation makes PTC rating program providers, whichever is the Elite, Legit, Scam, Not Recommended and On-Going Investigation. So it's helped us avoid ourselves from rogue PTC organizers thus what happened to me once that does not happen again to you and others.

source: http://teknologi.kompasiana.com
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Senin, 28 November 2011

Paid-To-Click (PTC) Earnings Calculator

Below is the process in the form of income to manually resolve every day possible in any payment to Click (PTC) or programs that can use this tool to calculate PTC calculator automatically your online treasures of any payment to Click (PTC) programs. 

For those of you who are not yet familiar with payment to Click (PTC) program is the simplest money, which proved popular on the Internet. Revenue for this program all you have to do is to click on ads and view advertisers website within 30 seconds after you get paid. This program also has a direct referral bonus every time they click on the ad direct reference is going to win. 

Your earning potential depends on the amount of pay-to-click programs you signed up, the number of ads to click, the width is your direct referrals, earnings per click and referral personal income per click. 

This is how it is done manually. Let's say you have only one (1) pay to click (PTC) program which has ten (10) ads you click. Staff per click $ 0.01 and get $ 0.01 for Referral Click. We also have twenty (20) direct referrals as scabies to invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same. Suppose star clickers and do not miss clicking on the ads every day. Your income potential daily would be ... 

Personal income = 1 x 10 x $ 0.01 PTC Ads Click Personal = $ 0.10 
The income reference = 1 PTC x 10 x 20 ads x $ 0 Direct Referrals. Click Reference 01 = $ 2.00 
The total daily earnings = Income = Personal + $ 2.10 Earrings reference 

The earning potential is definitely over small, since it involves only one (1) payment to Click (PTC) program with references only twenty (20) directly. What if you are a hard worker and can diversify and participate in twenty (20) Paid to Click (PTC) and the programs were able to invite 100 direct referrals for each payment to Click (PTC) programs. Again using the same formula over your earning potential daily would be ... 

Personal income = 20 x 10 x $ 0.01 PTC Ads Click Personal = $ 2.00 
The income reference = 20 x 10 x 100 x PTC Ads $ 0.01 Direct Referrals Clicks reference = $ 200 
Total daily outstanding Personal Income = Profit = $ 202.00 + Reference 

As noted by the earning potential is much larger now. Based on these results we conclude that is paid to Click (PTC) the revenue potential of the program depends largely on the number of PTC programs involved and the number of direct references to enter. 

To automatically compute your income potential of any payment to Click (PTC) can use this calculator to PTC.

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Minggu, 27 November 2011

There are 10 TIP SUCCESS

greetings from TO SUCCESS is always successful, good buddy and Agan were always in the shadow of Allah, Amen amen amen Yarobal Alamin. I am interested in writing at one online store web Baktik noble name, about SUCCESS TIP is very good and hopefully can benefit us all. Here's the tip:

Always FOCUS!
Muster all your thoughts on what you want to achieve, often our mind goes the way of nowhere, a desire that one has not been achieved already want another one unfinished work that has been kepikiran another job. Decide which is more priority and focus there, then the plan will be quickly completed.

Believe in yourself, if not then no one would believe in yourself.
Confidence is very important for the Segal aspects of life including being a success. If we doubt the ability of our own, feel doubtful, insecure, and low self-esteem, how people can believe gives us a great responsibility? Show the employer or other person that I am capable of, and will try as much as possible, will give good results, will fight, will never give up the ladder of success. If you can then mememang first ladder of success you will be easily climbed.

True to your establishment.
When you have an idea, then hold on to the idea, anyway you have to think hard and think about what is best for the idea. Do not be easily swayed because scorn of others. If you believe then you are right, if you correct your idea is way out of the best then do not easily shaken, fought the idea and prove that you are right!

BELIEVE on instinct
Do not ever ignore your little hearts, however small heart never lies and he will remind you of obtaining leads. When you arrive instinct suddenly declare something then listen to it, and follow your instinct, instinct is often said to be the best guide and does not make us astray.

This is very important because while building a solid bridge to success do not let the lackluster glum around us, be a candle for those who make them can be seen in the darkness, be cheefleader are always encouraging! And comfort them because the key to the team and support each other.

Do not see yourself as a follower, because to kill creativity within kita.Selalu thinking and trying to be a winner and leader. Let your creativity is always alive in your mind.

Excited at WHAT YOU DO
No matter how hard a job or task that you are living, stay excited! Krikil sharp indeed often pierce the feet and slow down our street, but not to make you stop in the middle of the road, keep moving forward toward your goals!

Live with anxiety and relief FAST DO / SATISFIED
Not to settle on something quick, and always kreative and think, what else can I do to make me more advanced!

Leadership is not just telling and being Bossy, a leader means you have to jump directly to lead them in the mission has succeeded in reaching the mission!

Do not let failure stop you from trying. If you fail to learn from failures and then attempted to fix it, until you manage to fix it.

Senin, 21 November 2011

Dollars On The Internet

 In the world of the internet a lot to offer programs That can mengasilkan dollar purse. Jeis-type programs Offered in the internet world so many Kinds, for some People who are used to surfing the internet the program - a program I Will explain the which is not foreign anymore. The term is popular in the Internet world That can Produce dollar purse can even be a dollar tree are as follows:

Pay per click is called PTC or go around a program that will provide income in dollars is through registering as a member of, and obligations as a member only view advertisements provided by the program provider, the time required on average 30 seconds commercial and the average ad available 4 ads for standard members. In this program there are several groups of PTC members, free for members of the so called standard, there are some terms and paid as premium, gold, and others, and of course the fees are awarded also differs among members of free members and payment. Tips for beginners should take a free course and then after making sure the program is to include members want to upgrade please.

PAY PER LEAD (PPL) is a program that will give us the dollar after we invite a friend or other person to become a member.

PAYMENT FOR SALE (PPS) program to offer to pay a dollar if there are people who buy our products or services advertised, the term is commonly referred to as a reseller and affiliate. Generally, we give a commission, and are generally quite broad program can generate dollars. Because there is a fee of up to 50% of sales, one example of Amazon and ClickBank.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a program that will pay if you click any of the ads we put on the blog or web page like Google Adsen.