Kamis, 22 September 2011

Special Marketing Tricks Using Newsletters

Want to do more different kinds of marketing with your newsletter printing? Let me teach you some more very special and effective techniques that will get your audiences engaged with your custom newsletters. With just the addition of these design elements and content features, your newsletter printing should gain more avid readers and really work for you as a business tool. So try and test out if these marketing tricks can work for you.

1. The news-advertising item – Beyond printing traditional news, you can add a very special kind of marketing news to your newsletters to get readers reading your message more readily. Since news type articles are typically the first one read in your newsletters, disguising your advertising message as such can get you more readers immediately for specific marketing messages.

You just need a good writer that can shape an advertising message into a more news worthy format. Of course, make sure that there is still ACTUAL news information in that article so that it is not a blatant advertisement. It takes some finesse, but this is a really great trick for newsletter marketing.

2. The feature P.R. article – Of course, the feature article is where your newsletters can gain the most traction for its marketing efforts. The best trick to do this is to use the feature articles as a public relations article, detailing the good spots of performance as well as the philosophy of your company or brand. By steadily running these articles in your regular newsletter printing, you can eventually gain ground and lift your business image up among your readers. The better your reputation, the more you can do your marketing effectively of course.

3. The “Tips” article – You can also use a very simple but educational trick to readers to get them to read your marketing newsletters. By publishing tips articles that educate or train them in certain things, you can interest readers into gaining some real learning value with your newsletters along with them consuming your marketing message. It is a win win situation that is why lots of people prefer this kind of marketing style in some custom newsletters.

4. The “Fun Page” marketing item – The “fun” page, or the “entertainment” page wherein you have puzzles and comics can also be actually turned into a powerful marketing tool in your newsletters. This basically has you creating small printed games or comics where people can be entertained of course. Embedded in those games are of course marketing messages that can easily and quickly be understood by people. As they try to solve those puzzles and read those comics, they will be introduced to special marketing messages that have a fun element into them. This should help you get those “less serious” readers to know about your marketing message.

5. The coupon item – Finally, coupons are of course a mainstay for printed marketing. Many magazines of course actually print coupons, and you can easily adapt it as well for your newsletters. Just try to design and publish those coupons at the end of your newsletters, promising discounts or freebies along with instructions on how to get them. Believe me, this works really fast and people who are real bargain hunters will possibly be your first respondents of this newsletter marketing feature.

So if you plan on really doing some marketing with your newsletters, then you better try out at least some of the tricks listed above. You can do it as long as you are creative and determined with your color newsletters. Good Luck!

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